Diet Plans Supermodel

Supermodel Diet Plan & Models Workout Routine

Supermodel Diet Plan & Models Workout Routine

Did you know what supermodel eats to be slim & trim? Yes, we are sharing the best supermodel diet plan & schedule that you can use for yourself to be slim & fit like a supermodel.

Maybe you are thinking about that what hot supermodels did to be fit & slim as like you want. We have some famous supermodel diet plan & exercise that you can implement in your life. If you are interested in your lifestyle change please consult your doctor before start any change in your diet & exercise.

World’s Sexiest Supermodel diet plan & Exercise – Doutzen Kroes

Supermodel Diet Plan Workout Routine

Supermodel Diet Plan & Workout Routine

We have Supermodel Doutzen Kroes diets & workout plan which you can also easily apply in your daily life to become slim & fit like that.

The supermodel diet also excludes oil, alcohol, nuts, sugar, salt and caffeine and she drinks Kelly green juice, which is a blend of mint, parsley, kale, broccoli, lime juice, orange juice, and water.

At the lunch, she eats lean protein like chicken, fish & brown rice that is why she are world’s sexiest supermodels of 2017. Now go to the main point what is supermodel (Doutzen Kroes) diet and exercise plan?

Doutzen Kroes Workout Routine Diet Plan

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In 2003 she started her career in Netherland and then she was sent to the New York and there she worked for Victoria’s Secret. She was the Brand Ambassador of L’Oreal Paris for five years consecutively and Now she is one of the hottest Supermodel.

Doutzen Kroes Diet Plan


She has low-fat yogurt with wheat-free granola and a big cup of coffee before heading for a long workout. She also has some energy bars at times when she doesn’t have the time to prepare and eat.


Toning is what she focuses mostly on and her protein based snack consists of hemp, brown rice in either vanilla or chocolate flavors. Unsalted nuts and dry fruits along with protein shake or oats are also among her favorites.


Doutzen admits that the best way to remain healthy by eating food is to stay true to natural foods. This includes fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, nuts and lots of water.

The Dutch emphasizes on the fact that everyone’s body and genetic composition is complex and varying, hence it is necessary to experiment till you find the right combination.


Doutzen too has her own share of favorite foods and she isn’t exactly healthy so to speak. French fries and potato chips are her major weaknesses but she always tries to control the quantity and instead moves on to salads combined with fries of course!

Doutzen Kroes Workout Routine


Doutzen believes in doing simple workouts for a long period of time. Her trainer says that she does not have to build muscles but just look toned and of course, slim.

For this purpose, she does various cardiovascular exercises but the one that she is addicted to is jumping ropes. Jumping ropes makes your body agile, alert and flexible apart from giving you a fast reaction time. She also likes to run.


Doutzen became a mother in 2011 and ever since she has admitted that she doesn’t have to put in too much of effort while working out.

The reason is that her baby keeps her busy by making her run around the house and tending to his needs.

Experts agree that mothers who are ‘actively’ active behind their children for the first 7-8 years stand a chance to have a more healthy and fit body than others who leave the job to their spouses.


The Victoria’s Secret angel has another favorite sports cum workout that keeps her stamina and energy levels high to counter the grueling schedules of ramp walks and managing her baby.

Doutzen often takes to boxing and even aerobics to keep her spirits high. The 27-year-old admitted that whenever she felt low on a day, she would box the bag to vent out her negative feelings so that she returned to her son all happy and positive.


The Dutch super model, like all models, has tall legs and she has to put in that extra effort to maintain it in a way that it does not become too skinny or bulky. Hence for Doutzen, toning is the best way to do that and she makes efficient use of yoga, squats and stretching to keep the lower limbs in shape as well as the butt up.


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