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Top Model Diet Plans – Supermodels, Bikini Mode & Top Models Diet Plan

victoria secret model diet plans

A model has to be constantly in prime shape and physique. Since they are the focus of the attention most of the times, it becomes quite necessary to be in svelte figure all the time and to achieve this is no easy task; it means they have to sedulously regulate their lifestyle and diet accordingly.

Hence, a model diet plan coupled with tips, beauty regimens, and exercise programs are usually recommended in most of the cases.

But the main aim of a model diet plans would be to have the ability to satisfy hunger without the addition of too many calories to the plan.

A decent model diet would consist of a healthy breakfast, a soul-satisfying lunch, and a comparatively light dinner.

Each portion of the meal must be rich in nutrition and free of excessive of calories.

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So, if you are aspiring to become a model, or just want to gain that model look, we have some tips that might come in handy to help you out with your model diet plans, a pivotal part of model-hood.

Things You Should Know for Model Diet Plans – Diet Charts

Supermodel Diet Plan - diet charts

Supermodel Diet Plan – diet charts

  • First and foremost, constant hydration of the body is an absolute necessity. Like thirst might sometimes be perceived as hunger. Hence, appropriate amounts of liquid in the diet helps against hunger and as an added benefit it does help in getting rid of toxins and other wastes from the body.


  • Before you actually start your modeling diet plan, you should take a photo of yourself in the mirror and keep on doing so every other week so that you can track your progress and keep a check on your waistline.


  • Maintaining a record of the food you ingest is highly advisable as it helps tracking in the food intake and careful daily review of the same is essential. Constant comparison between different food intakes and their effect on the body should also be noted.


  • Including coffee, green tea or diet beverages might come in handy as they help in eradicating hunger at least temporarily. But too much of coffee intake could be bad, so it must be incorporated in the diet and taken at certain times.


  • Instead of using high-fat dressing like mayonnaise and cream sauces, you might want to try low-fat dressing such as hot sauce, vegetable sauce, and mustard.


  • Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach and keep a food list while doing the monthly shopping. It helps in avoiding frivolous and impulsive purchase.


  • Avoid fat-frying/deep-frying food. Baking, roasting, grilling, air-frying and pressure cooking are some of the best methods of fat-free cooking that is available. Most of the fishes or meats that are to be consumed should be ideally baked, boiled or steamed.


Some Modeling Diet Tips – Modeling Fitness Tips

Modeling Diet Tips - Model's Fitness Tips

Modeling Diet Tips

  • Freshly cut fruits and vegetable are considered healthy snacks, along with their juice counterparts. But too much ingestion of fruit should also be avoided since they do contain a good amount of sugar.


  • Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day and is the right way to start your day.Skipping this meal would lead to hunger pangs throughout the day which get harder and harder to control. It is advisable to include egg whites for breakfast as they are rich in protein and low on cholesterol and would make for a better workout.


  • It is important to divide the meals into much smaller meals. It helps in regulating the hunger as it makes us think we are full for the most part of the day while actually we are consuming the same amount of calorie we were going to consume previously.


  • The goal usually is to reduce the fat intake while keeping the protein intake at a constant, and for that to happen, consumption of skinless poultry, lean meat and fish are recommended the non-vegetarian food.
    Protein is good for health as the body doesn’t really store protein. Also, proteins are a rich source of amino acids, which are responsible for beautifying and repairing hair, nails, and skin.


  • Saturated fat and Trans-fat such as butter, cheese, clarified butter should be replaced by vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, flaxseed and olive oil.


  • It might come off as a surprise but the type of clothes one wears also has an effect. For example, stripes have a thinning effect, same is the case with black.


  • Exercise is absolutely necessary if you really want that model look to stick with you. When diet is coupled with aerobics, yoga and weight training, it proves massively beneficial for your figure.


Some Victoria’s Secret Model Diet Plans

victoria super model diet plans

Victoria Supermodel Diet Plans – Model Diet Plans

  • There would be instances where you might have to travel a lot and you might be forced to eat out a lot due to that.
    Even in these cases though, trans and saturated fats can be removed from the diet. Like ordering grilled fish or chicken and avoiding any kind of creamy sauce that comes along with it.
    You can always choose to have appetizers instead of the main course.


  • Just because you are the model diet plan doesn’t mean you’d starve yourself out. If your daily calories consumption is below 1000 your body WILL enter into famine mode. Therefore, to sustain high metabolism levels throughout the day, low-calories diet coupled with regular exercise is a necessity.


  • Crash diets should be avoided at all costs because it might help you lose weight really quickly but actually, they eliminate many important nutrients from the diet. Also, the user is much more likely to gain the weight back once the crash diet is over.


  • Canned foods and food with preservatives, in general, are to be avoided at all costs due to high sodium content. Likewise, processed foods such as pastries, white bread, cakes, pasta are high in calories and can’t even possibly be compared to whole grain foods nutrition wise.


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